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LA Clippers head coach fixed the return time of Paul George

LA Clippers head coach fixed the return time of Paul George

Paul George's shoulder injury is relatively serious and the supporters are wary of this All-Star striker.

According to information last week, fans will probably not see Kawhi Leonard and Paul George together for a while. NBA champion Kawhi Leonard is in good health, but Oklahoma City Thunder's former All-Star striker has to retire from football to wait for his injury to recover.

The outing of PG13 was worrisome, the Los Angeles Clippers fans were still sitting still restless because they were not sure how long Paul George will have to take off the game. There have been rumors bringing time back to George's yard to November. Today, coach Doc Rivers has somewhat given the answer to the press and fans.

Speaking to reporters, Doc Rivers honestly shared that Clippers will not have Paul George in at least the first 10 matches of the Regular Season.

"Clippers have not provided an official recovery period for Paul George, but coach Doc Rivers today said before the training session that George will be absent for at least 10 matches in the Regular Season", journalist Mark Medina reported.

"This will keep George sidelined until mid-November and at that time, it is likely that he will return on November 13 against Houston Rockets, the Great War to the West and confronts his former teammate. Russell Westbrook".

Paul George's shoulder injury is relatively serious and the parties are wary of this All-Star striker.

LA Clippers are considered one of the best NBA names after both champion Kawhi Leonard and comprehensive player play Paul George.

They had to sacrifice a few players, but the majority of Doc Rivers' framework is retained with names such as Lou Williams, Montrezl Harrell, Patrick Beverley... However, the question began to be asked. is how many games Kawhi Leonard will play to get the best performance and condition for the Playoffs stage.

Almost certainly LA Clippers will let Leonard play and break (load management). But this plan will still depend on the health of Paul George, who has suffered a double shoulder injury and has not been able to return to the training ground since the Playoffs round last season.